Water kefir grains

Water kefir grains

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How to use Water Kefir Grains



I have inherited water kefir grains from several sources.  Some make kefir that tastes like a farmyard, others have that characteristic butyric acid smell that typifies parmesan and far more unpleasant things - plain unpleasant!   Fortunately, our grains make delicious water kefir, providing  a subtle carbonated base perfect for drinking as is or allowing you to add your own flavours. An infinite range of possibilities exist, be it cucumber and mint, elderflower, lemon ginger and turmeric…. Our water kefir brews usually within 48 hours at a cool British room temperature but leave for up to 5 days to remove almost all of the sugar from the  water.

Until we know the exact microbial content of our kefir grains let's assume that there are up to 15 different species present. This is not as diversity-rich as milk kefir, but makes a lovely fizzy drink that is probiotic, much lower in sugar, and an excellent substitute for sugary or aspartame-laced fizzy drinks. If you want to take a break, our grains can be refrigeration in sugar water for about 3 months.

We always use filtered tap water and organic cane sugar to grow our grains.  If they're a bit sluggish we'll add a pinch of coconut sugar or muscovado.

If the grains are showing as "out of stock", you may still order them and they will be despatched as soon as possible, when the stocks have replenished.  This may take up to  7 days.


Grains are posted out first class Monday to Thursday only,  because the post isn't the best at the moment.  Orders received after Thursday lunchtime won't be sent the following Monday, to avoid grains sitting in a sorting office over the weekend.  Do make sure to get them into some fresh sugar solution as soon as they arrive.

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