Milk kefir grains

Milk kefir grains

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How to use Milk Kefir Grains


We take the business of growing our grains extremely seriously. They are never hurried, instead they are allowed to develop their microbial symbiotic relationships at a natural pace. At certain times of the year, they will grow more slowly and there may be a short hiatus whilst they replenish themselves.

We grow our grains in small batches so we’re able to keep a very close eye on them. We always use organic whole milk.

You will receive 5 grammes of grains, which is a perfectly optimised amount to make a pint of delicious kefir.  The grains will  multiply, usually doubling within a week of regular use, and you will be able to scale up to making a litre of milk within a few of days.

If the grains are showing as "out of stock", you may still order them and they will be despatched as soon as possible, when the stocks have replenished.  This usually takes 7-10 days, but we think they're worth waiting for!

We aim to despatch your order within 24 hours, excluding weekends (we don't post on a friday), so it can take a couple of days for them to arrive. They are posted with some extra kefir in the bag (not shown) to protect them on their journey.

I am always happy to answer questions about your milk kefir grains to help you on your journey, and there are lots of “how to” videos on my instagram account. 

Click here for our milk kefir how-to guide