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Did you know we can show you the tricks of the trade to help you become a completely self sufficient fermenter? Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kombucha, Miso-making;  all these things we teach, or get one of our experts in to do so.  All classes include all the kit you will need, and you will be well fed and watered too. 


NEXT WORKSHOP….  FROM MISO TO KIMCHI AND BEYOND!!  Sunday 24th September 2023, 11-5 


Join Robin Sherriff, CEO of the Fermenter’s Guild, and Fermentation expert and me,  Dr Caroline Gilmartin for a fun-filled day delving into two types of fermentation - firstly with Robin you’ll be covering the magic of Koji; the “secret ingredient” behind so much of Japan’s cuisine, like miso, tamari, shio koji and amazake. You’ll be making your very own jar of miso paste to take home with you.

After lunch, which we’ll have in the garden weather permitting, or inside if not, we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon up to our arms in vegetable fermentation - kimchi and sauerkraut will definitely be on the menu and you will make your own to take home with you. Caroline will also demonstrate a couple of other fermentation techniques and there will be an opportunity to taste and talk about kombucha and milk kefir too.

Throughout the day, we will be discussing the health benefits,proven and otherwise, of fermented foods, their origins, tradition, sustainability and the importance of food fermentation to humankind in 2023 and beyond.

Everything you need is included, but don’t forget to bring a sturdy box to carry your wares home in.


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