All About Every Good Thing

I’m Caroline. Once upon a time I was a microbiologist. Then life took me off in various directions until my scientific past was a mere dot upon the horizon.  Until one day, after yet another nasty chest infection, a friend gave me some kefir and said “ try this you will feel better”.  I tried it, and I did “feel better” and have kept on feeling that way ever since.

When I realised that our daily dose of kefir was making the whole family healthier I became a bit of an evangelist and started preaching at my friends and family. Soon they started to run and hide when they saw me coming, so I started to run fermentation workshops for the unsuspecting public.  I love my job – in the last few years, over 400 people have been to Every Good Thing Kimchi College, Kefir School and Kombucha Class, and I’ve learned as much through the teaching of and clever questions as I’ve taught.

That seminal event of several years ago reminded me how amazing microbes are, and from that day forth I’ve spent many happy hours exploring gut health and food fermentation – fields so vast and interesting I’ve barely scratched the surface.  It’s worth remembering that on a level, as humans we know almost nothing, though we’re just beginning to piece together some important pieces of the puzzle – links between gut health and diet, gut health and mental health, for example. 

I live in Clifton Wood, Bristol with my family; it’s fairly chaotic as there are many hobbies going on within these four walls;  EGT headquarters is here as well as cycling, music, cooking, growing vegetables, spoon whittling, painting, … never a dull moment. I am also mum of a young adult with learning difficulties and autism which brings a whole other world of challenges.

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