Sauerkraut ( for 1l jar)


  • 1 white/red/green/savoy/hispi cabbage (if you Keep end as a weight – don’t forget to salt it too! Approx. 1 kg)
  • 2% sea salt



  1. Make sure that your working area is clean and free from possible raw meat / animal contamination. 
  2.  Wash your hands and make sure that all your jars and utensils are also clean.
  3. wash outside of cabbage
  1. Finely slice cabbage into colander
  2. Rinse well and and weigh into bowl.  Record weight.
  3. Add 2% w/v salt (see tables – for 800g cabbage add 16g salt)
  4. Massage with hands until brine is created.
  5. If you are adding seeds etc, tip the brine into a jug so that you can add in your seeds. Then top up the jar with the brine.
  6. Squeeze into jar ensuring brine covers vegetables. Submerge cabbage with method of choice…  top of cabbage, or plastic disc,  or zip-lock bag filled with brine.   
  7. Put on fermentation lid if you have one, or just use your bag of brine.
  8. Place your ferment out of direct sunlight at room temperature, sitting on a plate or tray in case the brine spills over.
  9. Ferment for 3 weeks. 
  10. If you use red or savoy cabbage on its own, it can take up to 6 weeks for the cabbage to reach a nice soft-ish consistency. If you use mixed cabbages it will be ready in about 7-10 days.
  11. When done, remove the sterilock lid and replace it with a blank lid and refrigerate. It will last for months.
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