Kombucha  Class

Kombucha Class

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Kombucha has been around for centuries, though you may only have heard of it recently. Essentially a fermented sweet tea, it’s also a complex brew of bioactive compounds that could be good for your gut and your overall health. It’s expensive to buy, but very economical to make yourself...

In this workshop, with Chief Fermenter & EGT owner Caroline,  you will learn all the parameters you need to control to make your own safely at home. You will leave with your very own Kombucha set up and ready to go.

A 1.8l jar and SCOBY is included in the workshop price – for an additional cost you can upgrade to a 5L continuous culture set up.

We will also talk about what exactly is going on in that jar, and about the potential health benefits, both proven and theoretical. Unattended, kombucha will gradually turn to vinegar, so we’ll talk about developing your own delicious kombucha vinegars and I’ll also demonstrate how to make apple cider vinegar. There will be cake, and when we've finished, a light supper or lunch including one of our infamous kimcheese toasties.  Food served is vegetarian with gluten and dairy unless you let me know otherwise

Terms and Conditions
Cancellation:  If you can’t attend, for any reason, please let me know as soon as humanly possible as a lot of preparation goes into the workshops.  We will always try to be flexible, allowing you to move a date on up to 2 occasions, but late notice cancellations are problematic for my tiny classes and it's hard to fill spaces at the last minute.  Full refunds can be given for unwanted places up to 1 week before a class.