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Every Good Thing dairy kefir grains are recommended by Megan Rossi, the Gut Health Doctor. Megan says:

“Dairy kefir (fermented milk) has a creamy texture and a diverse array of live microbes. Or for those after a dairy-free kefir, go for water kefir grains, which thrives on sucrose (table or cane sugar). The millions of microbes that live together in the kefir grains eat the sugars and produce beneficial organic acids (at least in test tube studies), which gives kefir that refreshing bubble and slight sourness that I love – and so do my gut microbes!

Making your own kefir is super easy – it takes two minutes to prepare, then all you have to do is leave the microbes to work their magic. Plus, they double in size every couple of weeks so you can share them with your friends. If you show them plenty of love and care they can last a lifetime – a gift that keeps on giving!”

– Dr Megan Rossi @theguthealthdoctor

We take the business of growing our grains extremely seriously. They are never hurried, heated or stirred; instead they are allowed to develop their microbial symbiotic relationships at a natural pace. At certain times of the year, they will grow more slowly and there may be a short hiatus whilst they replenish themselves.

We are excited to report that at this very moment, our kefir grains are at the TEAGASC laboratory in Cork, Ireland, having their bacteria and yeast content identified.

We grow our grains in small batches so we’re able to keep a very close eye on them. From this process, we also produce a small amount of very high quality milk kefir and water kefir, in re-usable glass bottles, for local delivery and collection only. This is distributed in reusable glass bottles. We always use organic whole milk.

In our opinion our grains are worth waiting for!  You will receive approximately a half-teaspoon of grains, which is a perfectly optimised amount to make a pint of delicious kefir.  The grains will slowly multiply, and you will be able to scale up to making a litre of milk within a few of days.

Because of severe Covid-19 related postal issues, our grains are only being posted out between Monday and Thursday at the mo.  If you order your grains later than first thing Thursday, I won’t post them until after the weekend to avoid them sitting about in the sorting office  ( the grains will be fine, it’s just that they will  smell more than a little unappealing upon arrival!).


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