Kefir School


Kefir School


Kimchi College at Colston Hall

Kefir is a type of yoghurt, but it’s jam packed full of probiotic microbes and lots of other healthy bioactives that could improve how you feel now and help

prevent future illnesses. This interactive workshop will help you get to grips with the kefir-making process, so you can cheaply and easily make it yourself – take control of your health and that of your family. We’ll have a whistle-stop tour from the ancient roots of fermentation to the very latest discoveries in the field of gut health and why kefir and probiotic foods can help, and learn what some of the latest buzzwords mean.
Fermenting safety and hygiene will be covered before learning how to strain kefir and some tasting. We’ll start with cow and goats’ milk kefir, move on to coconut milk kefir and finally, water kefir. You will also prepare your own kefirs, which will be taken away to ferment at home in jars which as provided. Finally, we’ll look at (and taste) some of the ways you can incorporate kefir into your cooking, and how to persuade kefir refusers to partake if necessary…
You will be fed and watered and after the workshop you are welcome to stay on for some soup and an infamous kimcheese toastie. Full instructions for the day

What you need to bring: A sturdy box to carry your ferments home in.

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