Fermentation Workshops for 2018/2019     Venue:  In my Clifton Wood kitchen…

I love a workshop!  They’re a great way to learn and you’ll probably meet some very nice folk, if my previous clients are anything to go by.  Whether you want to learn about fermenting vegetables or making kefir, you’ll have a whistle-stop tour from the ancient roots of fermentation to the very  latest discoveries in the field of gut health.

Kimchi College £46 –  6 places 

You’ll make both sauerkraut and kimchi to take home ( 1l of each).  You will learn the basic principles of fermentation, the difference between pickling and fermenting, alive or dead foods, find out what’s really going on in that jar, see how these foods can be good for you, learn how to carry out the process safely, taste various different ferments and get elevenses and soup and the infamous kimcheese toastie to finish!

Also includes equipment; a mason jar with Sterilock lid and and a clip-top jar, so you can compare different fermentation methods, all ingredients and pdf guide and recipes.

Saturday March 30th 10 – 2 pm
Saturday April 27th  10-2 pm
Saturday May 18th  10-2 pm 


Kefir School £36 – 6 places

Anecdotal evidence ( mine ! ) suggests that people who are actively shown how to make kefir are more likely to keep it going.

This interactive workshop will help you to get to grips with the kefir-making process and learn why probiotics and prebiotics are so good for you. You’ll see how making kefir can fit easily into your every day life and you’ll learn lots of different ways of using it.

We’ll cover both milk (dairy and non dairy) and water kefir and you’ll go home with your own starter kit, comprising milk kefir grains in a kilner jar, some ready-to-use kefir, water kefir grains and some ready to drink water kefir, as well as a pdf  guide to what’s been covered.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to sample what we make, with kefir breakfast and elevenses provided too