About Me

I’m Caroline. I’m nearly 50 and currently in the frame of mind where I’m thinking “what have I achieved? (nothing) where’s all the time gone? ( you’ve wasted it) what is to be done? ( write a blog, of course!).

Once upon a time I was a microbiologist. Then life took me off in various different directions until my scientific past was a mere dot upon the distant horizon. Until one day, after a nasty chest infection, a friend gave me some kefir and said “try this you will feel better”. I tried it and I did “feel better” and have kept on feeling that way ever since. That seminal event reminded me how amazing microbiology is, and from that day forth I’ve spent many happy hours exploring gut health and food fermentation – a field so vast and interesting I’ve barely touched upon it yet.

The rest of my time is spent trying to sneak probiotics into my family’s diet .

Probably because of the Jewish genes (thanks Mum) I’m a feeder and in this family food is the solution to everything.  Happy?  Lets eat.  Sad?  Let’s eat.  Cold?  Let’s eat. Ill?  etc……

Food here is nearly always fresh and nearly always made from scratch.  We don’t have a biscuit tin.

I live in a gorgeous part of Bristol called Clifton Wood, overlooking the docks.  I have two children, one husband, a snake and a bearded dragon.  When I’m not in Bristol I am usually in North Norfolk doing very little, or maybe on my bicycle avoiding hills.